Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

Unvented hot water Storage

Need a new compact hot water storage? We have unvented cylinders that are compact and have not need for Tanks in the loft or above the hot water storage cylinder in the cupboard.

We install new complete systems, replacements or conversions from vented hot water system with a tank in the loft to Unvented from manufacturers such as Heatrea sadia Megaflow or Osso hot water group Super coil cylinders. 

 Heatrae Sadia Megaflo

  • Very common
  • British Manufacturer
  • Great Warranty Service
  • Part of Baxi boilers
  • Parts very Common
  • Great flow rates* 

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    Osso cylinders  


    • Compact
    • Sleek
    • Highly efficent
    • Great Design
    • Annual servicing needed
    • Suitable for all types of boilers and economy 7. 
    • Great Flow Rates*

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    *Water flos are subject to what your water supplier and incoming main is bringing you down the pipe from the street. 

    Unvented hot water storage cylinders require annual servicing to check safety devices on them and keep in good condition. 

    We Service Unvented Cylinders

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