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Radiators not heating your home?

Are you finding that your radiators are not getting hot enough or taking a long time to heat up. Or some do and some radiators don't get hot at all?   This may be down to sludge or known as magnetite,  as bits of radiator particles are broken down by combination of oxygen ingress and differential metals i.e steel {rads and copper {Pipework} which make perfect environment for the radiators to break down and rust on the inside, and, drop bits off into the water as it is circulated around the system. It can breakdown and block pathways at the bottom of the rads or block pipework to the rads  and boiler. 

Can Sludge damage my boiler? 

Yes, it can block the internal pathways and pipework of the boiler and, also boiler parts like diverter valves, pumps and expansion vessel with the boiler. 

Is there Alternatives to powerflushing?

Yes a chemical flush, it is where we leave chemicals in the system for a short term and then return and then do a hot and cold flush of the system.  Does not always work but i have had good results with it. 

Also there is Adey magnacleanse which is like two big boiler filters that we attach to the return pipe at the boiler and put chemicals in the magnacleanse. Then Rob goes round the radiators with a drill and an agitator drill bit on hammer action only. This then agitates the magnetite and releases it while the boiler pump pumps it back to the boiler, where the magnacleanse then catches it. Thus cleaning the dirt out the rads. 

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