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Where to look for common water leaks?

Where to look for common water leaks? Heating and plumbing engineer can assist you in a range of services from fitting a smart thermostat, to installing a new boiler- if living in Airdrie, or its surrounding areas.The longer you leave issues, like leaks,the greater the cost and repairs! So, to minimise problems and to help early detection, you should make sure you check the places that are most common for leaks. To find out where these are, please keep reading!

Is your home "smart" ready?

Is your home "smart" ready? Heating and plumbing Engineer offer a range ofheating and plumbing services- from installing heat pumps, to fitting a newboiler. We cover East Kilbride and its surrounding areas. Sometimes our customers enquire about smarthomes. If you’re also interested, please read on. We have put together some keyinformation, which can help you decide if your home is ‘smart’ ready!What is a smart home/house?A smart house is one that incorporates advancedautomation systems to...


Is an airsource heat pump right for you

HPE can offer a range of services from boiler work, to renewable air source heat pumps. Sometimes our customers are unfamiliar with heat pumps and come to us for advice. So, we have put together some key information to help you decide if they could be right for you.  So please keep reading!Air source heat pumps can be used to deliver heat and hot water to properties. They extract heat from the outside air, which can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water...


Is it time to get a new boiler?

Is it time to get a new boiler?Could it be time to get a new boiler? HPE can help! HPE offer heating and plumbing services- and can install a new boiler- to Lanark, and several other areas in Scotland.So please, continue reading to see if your boiler is displaying signs that it needs replacing…Annual boiler serviceEvery year you should get your boiler serviced. Not doing so can violate your boiler’s warranty. Moreover, annual boiler servicing is a useful way to maintain control and give you t...


Is a system boiler right for your home

Here at HPE we can provide you with a top quality new boiler, if you live in Bothwell or its surrounding areas. Boilers are essential to the home, especially as the weather is getting colder. When they break they can cause great inconvenience! Sometimes they can be repaired, but other times it works out better to have a replacement. When customers need a new boiler they often ask about different types. Many have heard of the popular combi-boiler but these are not very well suited to bigger ho...


Is your home ready for an emergency

Is your home ready for an emergency?We all know that it’s always a good idea to have a plan for when things go wrong. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you and your families safety must always come first so here’s what you need to know about your home in case of emergencies... Know Where All Of The Exits AreMake sure you know the easiest way to all doors and windows. It might sound obvious, but sometimes your front door might not be accessible depending on the emergency. During the hussle and...