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Why is my boiler making noises?

Why is my boiler making noises?

Loud noises coming from your boiler usually mean that something just isn't right. Understanding what those noises might mean is the key to keep both you and your home safe so here’s a breakdown of some reasons why your boiler is making noises…

What do banging noises tend to mean?

We’ve been working and installing new boilers in the Airdrie area for years, so we know it can be hard to accurately describe a sound. So for the purposes of this blog, let’s say that anything that you think sounds like ‘banging’, ‘whistling’ or sounds that you would expect to hear from a kettle are noises you should be concerned about.

Can you hear kettle-like noises?

Kettling noises in particular are usually an indication of limescale that has built up over time. You may have already seen this on older kettles where limescale builds up on the bottom. This can create extra noise in a boiler because it blocks the flow of water and this change in state as water expands and heats up causes extra noise.

Boilers are designed to be able to handle large amounts of water daily, but if this problem is left unchecked then it can lead to your boiler not lasting as long as it should and you may also see efficiently problem that could be costing you extra money on energy bills.

Can you hear whistling noises?

If your boiler has air that has become trapped inside, it can create a whistling sound that is extremely high pitched. If this is the case, then this is a much easier job for a Gas Safe heating engineer to fix and only requires releasing the trapped air once the cause of the problem has been found.

Can you hear gurgling noises?

If your boiler is creating gurgling sounds, then this is likely to be an issue with trapped air in the system or some kind of blockage or deposit at the bottom of the boiler. The other common reason that you may hear gurgling noises from your boiler would be a frozen condensate pipe. If this is the case, it can be fixed by an engineer easier as it simply needs to be thawed out to continue to work.

What to do if you hear any of these noises?

Call a professional. Only Gas Safe registered engineers are able to work on any gas appliances. It might seem like a good idea to look online and find guides, but boilers can be dangerous if they are not maintained properly and hiring a professional keeps both you and your family safe.

Looking for a new boiler in the Airdrie area?

We know that hearing noises from your boiler can be scary, so if you have any questions get in touch with us on 07935 104274 or you can reach us through our contact us page here.