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Why a combi boiler is best for smaller families

Why a Combi Boiler is best for smaller families

'Heating and plumbing engineer' have been fitting new boilers in Airdrie, but replacing a boiler can be stressful and difficult. With so many choices, one may struggle to decide which is the best boiler for their needs. Combination aka Combi boilers are now the most popular choice of boiler for people in the UK. However, whilst it may ideal for smaller families, it is not necessarily the best option in all circumstances.

Why should I get a new boiler?

If thinking about purchasing a new boiler, these are some things you may want to consider:

You could save money- Up to 50% of your energy bills goes towards heating your home. Therefore, it is crucial that the boiler heating your home is as efficient as possible. If your current boiler is rated poorly or older than ten years, you should look into replacing it. The Energy Saving Trust estimates this could save you up to 310 pounds and produce 1220 kg less per year.

You could gain greater control- old boilers do not allow homeowners as much control, which results in energy being wasted, because heating and hot water are supplied when they are not needed. New boilers, however, have to be fitted with programmers, thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves, and can be used with smart heating controls. This gives homeowners much more control.

It can be more convenient- Older boilers take up much more room and are noisier than modern ones. Replacing your boiler is one possible option in making more space available in your home.

Your old boiler could be beyond repair- Sometimes it can no longer be feasible to repair a boiler and it makes a lot more sense to pay for a new boiler, rather than continually spending money to try keep the old one running.

Which Boiler Should I Get?

So once you have decided you should get a new boiler, you need to decide which one to purchase. There are many different types you could consider.

Combi boiler.

These come in either gas or electric and work by drawing water from the mains supply and heating it, as you need it.

Unlike conventional boilers, combi boilers provide on-demand heating to your radiators and hot water. It does not require a bulky storage cylinder, which means it can fit easily into most kitchen or storage cupboards. This makes them ideal for smaller families, in houses with limited space.

On the other hand, they cannot effectively supply more than one tap at a time, which means they are not really suited for larger houses/ families.

Conventional boiler.

These require more space, but can deal with a greater demand for hot water. These are therefore better equipped for houses with multiple bathrooms, or when the demand for hot water is high. For example, when there are several people needing hot water to get ready for work/school in the mornings.

Conventional boilers supply hot water to multiple taps and are easy to replace. However, they do take up more space and hot water can run out when the tank empties and it needs time to reheat.

System boiler

They are similar to conventional boilers in their need for a cylinder, but they do not require a feed tank in the loft, meaning loft space will be left available. Installation is also easier as they house many of the components, a conventional boiler does not.

So for smaller homes and families a Combi-boiler may be best. They require less space, but they cannot meet high demands of water or supply water to more than one tap. For these reasons then, a conventional or system boiler will be more appropriate for bigger households.  

If you live in Adrie, or surrounding areas and is interested in installing a new boiler please get in contact.