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What could be leaking in your bathroom?

What could be leaking in your bathroom?

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Are you concerned over soaring water bills? If so, keep reading, because we may be able to help! The sudden increases could be due to hidden leaks in your bathroom. If these are left untreated, they will cost you not only on your heating and water bills, but they could also cost you considerably on repair work. Water leaks could lead to serious damage to your floors, walls and paint. So, if you notice that your walls are warping, or your floors are staining, we encourage you to contact a plumber for assistance. The longer you leave an issue, the greater it (and its repair work) becomes.

What's leaking?

Many things in your bathroom could spring a leak. Here are three of the most common:

Shower leaks

We advise you to check the seals around your shower occasionally- because this is a place where an undetected leak could lead to a big plumbing issue. Big damage can be caused, if water keeps leaking and contacting with the surrounding floor or walls. The problem could soon become a great cause of stress and expense, if it is left undetected and unresolved. Wooden floorboards can eventually rot, which can lead to expensive repair or replacement work. Puddles on vinyl flooring can cause it to curl and deteriorate so much so, that the water then reaches whatever is underneath it- which is normally wood.

So, look out for signs such as rotting flooring and peeling paintwork, and seek assistance at the earliest opportunity. Make sure you leave your shower curtain in your tub when you have a shower. This minimises the risk of having puddles of water on your floor. And check that your shower doors close properly. Sometimes the condition of the seals deteriorates and require attention.

Toilet leaks

A lot of leaks that come from a toilet are originated from a leak between the waste pipe and toilet. So, this will mean water will leak every time you flush your toilet. And as your toilet is likely to be used a lot more often than your shower, the damage to your floors can develop rapidly.

Your toilet moving, when you sit on it, indicates an issue. Eventually the rocking could break the flange seal which can lead to a leak. So, check the seals round the bottom of your toilet, where it meets the floor and check the toilet is secure. If it isn’t, get it secured!

Tap leaks

Leaks around taps usually lead to a hidden area, making detecting the leak hard. If the seals are damaged, and the silicone areas around taps and faucets have deteriorated, they will let water seep through. This will damage the area below.

If your taps are dripping water- a common issue- you also have a problem. Don’t ignore this. Water lost from dripping taps can accumulate quickly, causing your water bills and energy bills- if it’s hot water escaping- to rapidly climb.

Do you need a new boiler in Lanark?

Along with experiencing plumbing issues, you may find yourself experiencing heating issues. We would love to help you with this. We can offer many services- from installing heat pumps, to fitting a new boiler- if living in Lanark, or its surrounding areas. All our boilers come with a warranty ranging from 5-10 years. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can meet all your heating needs and promise to always offer a friendly, honest, and competitively priced service.