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The benefits of air source heat pumps

The benefits of air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from outside air- a renewable source! This heat can then be used to heat water, radiators, underfloor heating systems and warm air convectors. They are becoming increasingly popular, due to their financial and environmental benefits.

How can air source heat pumps save you money?

Purchasing an air source heat pump can save you energy, as well as money. Air source heat pumps have low running costs, resulting in lower fuel bills - this is especially true for homeowners that are replacing conventional electric heating.

If you decide to purchase an air source heat pump, you may even be eligible for a Grant, and gain potential income from the UK’s Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). If you do the calculations, you can find out how much income you can receive to help with the cost of a new air source heat pump for your home.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Air source heat pumps need some electricity to run, so they are not completely harmless to the environment. However, compared to other forms of heating, they are more environmentally friendly.  Air source heat pumps Generally produce less CO2, than other traditional systems. They do not require fuel deliveries to run, and require minimal maintenance, which is good news for homes that are looking for a solution that helps keep costs down.

As the main component being used for heating is air, it is based on a renewable source - hence the eligibility for the RHI.

Air source heat pump vs boilers.

When compared to boilers, air source heat pumps can deliver a superior efficiency rate and reduced C02 emissions. This means that over time, adopters can expect financial and environmental costs to be significantly reduced.

Air source heat pumps can also deliver heat at lower temperatures, as low as -20 C. This is lower than traditional heating systems. Using air source heat pumps, results in cooler radiators. This can benefit homes with young children as there is less chance that they are likely to be in danger of burning themselves.

Some more benefits...

Air source heat pumps only require a few days to be installed and running. They also have a long lifespan. With the correct care, they can be operational for up to 20 years.

They are efficient in both summer and winter; they can provide cooling the summer and heating in the winter. Finally, Air source heat pumps can be even more environmentally friendly, if they are powered by wind energy or solar, as an alternative to electricity.

Interested in renewable air source heat pumps?

We understand that homeowners want to make sure they get what’s best for their home. If these benefits have intrigued you and you want to find out more about air source heat pumps, you can click here or give us a call on 07935104274 , and we’ll be able to answer any questions that you might have.