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Importance of boiler servicing

Why is it important to service your boiler annually?

It is a necessity in my view, that the appliance is checked for safety and, that the safety devices are operating correctly . The boiler is burning gas/fuel efficiently as possible, just as a MOT/service on a car is. Servicing parts like fans, cleaning the combustion chamber and filters to give longevity to a boiler.

Is it important to service the water side like radiators?

Yes at Heating andPplumbing Engineer have the philosophy, it's just as important to check that radiators are operating at their maximum, as a sludge up central heating system can reduce a A rated boiler down to a B rated boiler, thus making your heating more expensive to run and less efficient. This also puts stress on parts in the boiler like the pumps, expansion vessels and causes blockages in the boiler pipeways.

So how often would you change the Central heating system water?  On our first visit we would check the system with testing kit ,and then probably put some chemical cleaner in for a while then drain down. Commence the hot flush, then cold flush the system and refill with chemical inhibitor that protects the system from corrosion.This should be done every 3-4 years.

so it's important encompass all aspects of a heating system, if you look after it it will look after you during the cold winter months. 

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