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How to cut those energy bills this winter

How to cut those energy bills this winter?

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With energy bills constantly rising and temperatures quickly decreasing, we think it’s a great time to inform you of some energy saving tips. Everybody can make these few small changes, which can really help you reduce your energy bills this winter.  

Top Tips


How many appliances or devices do you have plugged in right now, which aren’t being used? We’re willing to bet at least one thing is plugged into the wall, or currently on standby. This is a really common way most of us waste energy. When you’re not using appliances switch them off and unplug them by the wall. Even standby mode uses energy and it’s unnecessary!

Also, you can considerably improve your energy usage, and hence reduce your bills, by using energy efficient appliances. So, when you need to purchase a new appliance see if there is an energy efficient model available.


Your radiators can really affect your energy bills. So, make sure you check them regularly. Don’t block them. The Energy Saving Trust reports that around 42% of homes have furniture blocking at least one radiator! Moving this furniture away will help heat circulate in your home, making you feel warmer for longer.

You should also avoid drying your clothes on the radiator. People tend to do this, instead of using a tumble dryer. However, this could end up being worse for your bills. When you dry your clothes on your radiator, you are forcing your boiler to work harder. Harder work= higher bills.

If you think your house is not warming, check your radiators. Sometimes they can have air trapped in them. This will be identified by cold areas in your radiators. Trapped air puts a strain on your central heating system. If you suspect your radiator has trapped air you will have to bleed it. For guidance with this, please click here.

Most of us love our food! But a lot of us waste unnecessary energy in its preparation…


Cook multiple meals at once

Along with making daily meal preparation quicker, cooking in bulk has its benefits in terms of energy usage. If you can cook several meals at once, it means you will be using the oven considerably less. This will save your energy costs. And when you want to warm something up, use the microwave! Microwaves use a lot less energy than ovens.

Let food cool down before refrigerating

When you have cooked too much, or you are preparing meals for later in the week, make sure you let the food cool down before you put in the fridge/freezer. If you put it in when warm, you are forcing your fridge to work a lot harder to cool it down.

Avoid rinsing items before putting them in the dishwasher

Many believe that they should rinse their items before putting them in the dishwasher. However, this is generally unnecessary and the extra hot water usage costs you. Simply scraping any excess food in to the bin, before using the dishwasher will suffice.

Do you need a renewable air source heat pump?

If you need a renewable air source heat pump, or any central heating assistance, please not hesitate to contact us. We promise to always provide a great service to meet all your heating needs!