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Did you know these money saving tips?

Did you know these money saving tips?

HPE can offer many services to Bothwell- from installing a new boiler to fitting smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats is just one way you can save money on your energy bills. To find out more, please keep reading…

Saving on your electricity and gas

Energy bills can be a considerable cost and burden to you. Fortunately, however, there are many things you can do, to help keep your bills low. Firstly consider switching your energy supplier/s. This is fairly simple and easy to do- it can take practically no time at all. There’s many online services which can compare suppliers and offer you the best deal. Check ‘Which’s’ comparison service out by clicking here.

You should especially consider switching your energy supplier, if you haven’t swapped in the last three years. And if you have already switched, make sure you’re on the cheapest tariff. Normally the biggest savings comes from paying monthly by direct debit. Paying by direct debit is normally considerably cheaper than paying in cash. It also means you won’t have to stress about missing any payments. And if you would like the same supplier for electricity and gas, then choosing a dual-fuel deal will nearly always be cheaper.

Heating smartly


If you reduce your room temperature by just 1ºC, it is estimated that you can reduce your annual heating bills by as much as £85-£90- according to the Energy Saving Trust. So, if you can cope with having your home just one degree colder, it certainly seems like an easy way to save some money! Put on a jumper and some extra layers for additional warmth.

You may also want to consider fitting a smart thermostat. These let you operate your heating remotely, by using an app which you can download on your smartphone or tablet. Smart thermostats can help you save money. They can give you easier control over your heating and provide you with a report of your energy usage. This will make you more aware when you’re being wasteful- allowing you to change your heating habits so that they’re more energy and cost-efficient.


If you have already turned down your thermostat, and your house is at the minimum temperature you can bear, try turning down the radiators in rooms you rarely use. And set your heating so that it turns off when you’re away from your home. Again, a smart thermostat can help give you great control over this.

Replace your light bulbs

Another good money saving tip is to replace your light bulbs. It is estimated that if you swap 10 light bulbs for energy-saving ones, you could save around £70 a year. This may not seem like a lot, but it will soon add up over the years. Plus, it requires minimal effort so it certainly seems worth it. After all every little helps!

And remember light bulbs are just one household item with energy-saving options available. There are several appliances, which also have energy-efficient models existing. So, when you need to buy a new washing machine or fridge, for example, look to see if there are energy-efficient models available. Although initial costs may be slightly higher, the savings on your energy bills could make them worthwhile!  

Do you need a new boiler in Bothwell?

We hope these money-saving tips will be useful. But no matter what you do, if you have a broken boiler your energy bills can start rocketing. So if you need a new boiler- or any heating assistance- in or around Bothwell, please do not hesitate to contact us.