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Best summer boiler replacement deals in Lanarkshire

We have some of the best boiler replacement deals in lanarkshire this summer, with free boiler magnetic filter and internet boiler control. yes that's right control your heating from the internet when you are away at work or on holiday via an app on your phone or tablet. giving you total control. not only this it's smart as it receives latest weather information and controls your room temperature to a comfortable warm home saving you money.


4 things that a good heating engineer should do

4 things that a good heating engineer should doHeating Engineers are highly specialised professionals that have the expertise to keep your boiler working the way it should. Knowing what to expect from your expert can help you ask the questions that will help keep your home warm…Willing to give you honest advice.What’s best for one home may not be best for another, so it’s important to be about to ask your heating engineer what is best for you and your needs. Most heating engineers will listen...


Why we are Vaillant accredited

Why we are Vaillant accredited? Being a Vaillant accredited installer allows us to deliver a better service to our clients. It also gives homeowners a promise that their boilers are the right choice for their needs and that when things go wrong, Vaillant are here to help… What does being Vaillant accredited mean? With years of experience and being based in the East Kilbride, we’ve learned a lot on what’s best for boilers. Vaillant accredited installers are held to a high standard of workman...


How to test boiler efficiency

Testing boiler efficiencyThere are many resources online that can help you get a good measure of how efficient your boiler should be, but there are also many things you can be doing at home to make sure you are getting the best out of your boiler...How can I test my boiler?It’s important to know how hard your boiler is working for you before you start thinking about replacing a boiler. After all, how do you know if it’s the right decision if you don’t know if it’s performing as well as it sho...


The benefits of an ATAG boiler

ATAG Boilers: What are the benefits?At Heating and Plumbing Engineer, we work with several of the leading boiler manufacturers. One of our preferred boiler brands is ATAG. In my opinion, ATAG produce some of the best, most efficient boiler on the market. We install many boilers in Lanark and the surrounding area, and many of these boilers are manufactured by ATAG. For several reasons which I will go into shortly, ATAG boilers are great boilers for homeowners. Quality partsATAG Boilers are bui...