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Does cold weather effect heat pumps?

Does cold weather affect heat pumpsHeating and Plumbing engineer love to help our customers in whatever way we can. Sometimes they have queries about heat pumps, particularly about their efficiency, now the weather is getting colder. The most well-known- and so common- type of heat pumps are: air source renewable heat pumps. They have many benefits- they’re relatively cheap to install, can provide instant savings on heating bills, and they can offer both heating and cooling in just one system...


What could be leaking in your bathroom?

What could be leaking in your bathroom?Heating and Plumbing Engineer can provide Lanark a great range of heating services, including installing a new boiler. Are you concerned over soaring water bills? If so, keep reading, because we may be able to help! The sudden increases could be due to hidden leaks in your bathroom. If these are left untreated, they will cost you not only on your heating and water bills, but they could also cost you considerably on repair work. Water leaks could lead to ...


Did you know these money saving tips?

Did you know these money saving tips? HPE can offer many services to Bothwell- from installing a new boiler to fitting smart thermostats. Smart thermostats is just one way you can save money on your energy bills. To find out more, please keep reading…Saving on your electricity and gasEnergy bills can be a considerable cost and burden to you. Fortunately, however, there are many things you can do, to help keep your bills low. Firstly consider switching your energy supplier/s.


How to cut those energy bills this winter

How to cut those energy bills this winter? Heating and plumbing engineer offers several services throughout Hamilton, East Kilbride, Glasgow & beyond! This includes installing renewable technology, such as renewable air source heat pumps. With energy bills constantly rising and temperatures quickly decreasing, we think it’s a great time to inform you of some energy saving tips. Everybody can make these few small changes, which can really help you reduce your energy bills this winter.  ...


Where to look for common water leaks?

Where to look for common water leaks? Heating and plumbing engineer can assist you in a range of services from fitting a smart thermostat, to installing a new boiler- if living in Airdrie, or its surrounding areas.The longer you leave issues, like leaks,the greater the cost and repairs! So, to minimise problems and to help early detection, you should make sure you check the places that are most common for leaks. To find out where these are, please keep reading!