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Where to look for common water leaks?

Where to look for common water leaks?

Heating and plumbing engineer can assist you in a range of services from fitting a smart thermostat, to installing a new boiler- if living in Airdrie, or its surrounding areas.

The longer you leave issues, like leaks, the greater the cost and repairs! So, to minimise problems and to help early detection, you should make sure you check the places that are most common for leaks. To find out where these are, please keep reading!

Common Leaks

Taps Leaking:

One of the most common places to find water leaking is from your taps. So, we encourage you to check and test all your taps regularly. Finding a running tap at its earliest opportunity will reduce the amount of wasted water- and reduce the impact on your bills!

 The first thing you should do upon discovering a leak is simply turn the tap. Sometimes they can leak, just because someone has failed to turn them off properly. Be quite cautious though. Sometimes over-tightening a tap can cause it to start leaking water. This could result, because of wearing to the tap washer. Debris getting stuck in the tap can also cause a leak.

If you notice dripping taps do not ignore them. If you are unsuccessful with fixing them, contact a professional. You will probably be surprised at how much water (and costs) dripping taps can accumulate! According to this article by Express, dripping taps caused nearly 550 million gallons of water to be wasted in 2011. This is enough to fill about 1000 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Leaking taps- especially if it is hot water dripping- will really affect your bills.

Bath Leaks

Whilst you’re checking your taps in the bathroom, you should also check your toilet and bath. Water can leak from under the bath, and sometimes it can take a few hours until you notice it coming through the ceiling. Make sure you check that your bathtub drains properly and keep an eye out for any signs of water damage such as stains on your ceilings- particularly in the room below your bathroom.

Toilet Leaks

Toilets are another common place for leaks. So check that your toilet flushes properly, and check that there are no pools of water around where your toilet meets the floor. If there is, then you could have a leak underneath it. Do not ignore this. Waiting longer will make the costs and repair work substantially larger. There are many toilet leaks you can fix yourself, with many tips and guidance articles available online. Here’s an example. Bigger or recurring problems, however, are best left to professionals. 

Leaking Gland on Radiator

Another place to look for leaks is your radiators. A leaking radiator valve is fairly common when the colder months start approaching. This is because occupants typically have sudden increases in heating demands during wintery weathers. And, as the valves are typically closed throughout summer, they can tend to stick. If this is not dealt with correctly, they could cause serious central heating issues.

Fortunately, a leak at the radiator valve can be simple to fix. So, if you find a radiator leak and would like some guidance on fixing it, please click here.  However, if the guidance proves unhelpful and you cannot successfully resolve the issue, we recommend seeking professional assistance.

Need a new boiler in Airdrie?

If you need a new boiler in Airdrie- or any other heating and plumbing service- please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to always provide a friendly and professional service!