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Is your home "smart" ready?

Is your home "smart" ready?

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Sometimes our customers enquire about smart homes. If you’re also interested, please read on. We have put together some key information, which can help you decide if your home is ‘smart’ ready!

What is a smart home/house?

A smart house is one that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the residents with sophisticated control and monitoring over the building’s functions. For example a smart home may control the security, lighting, temperature- along with several other functions.

The Department of Trade and Industry, in 2003, said that it was a “network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled monitored or accessed.”

Smart houses use ‘home automation’ technologies to give home owners information about several aspects of their home. For instance, a smart home’s fridge might be able to keep record of its contents and suggest menus. A smart home could even perform some of your daily chores, like keeping the plants watered!

Many new homes are now being built, with the additional controls and wiring needed to run the advanced home automation systems included. Smart home technologies can be added to an existing property- known as retro-fitting- but this is considerably more expensive than having them added to a new-build. It’s also less convenient.


The most important aspect of having a smart home is the internet connection. Thus, your Wi-Fi is essential for the running of many smart products. So, if you tend to receive a high speed and reliable connection, you should have no problems with using smart technologies. However, if you live in a remote place, with poor signal strength, you will probably find smart products very frustrating and temperamental. You probably have a good idea of your connection speed. But if you want, you can do a connection speed test here.

Your home layout

Obviously all home and Wi-Fi set ups are different, but generally there are some things you should consider, when installing smart products. If your house is very big or old, and has thick walls, your Wi-Fi signal could become too weak when reaching a certain distance from the router. So, if you want to set up smart products, which will be some distance from your home- like security cameras- you’re probably going to need to invest in a Wi-Fi signal booster. Without this, the signal might not be able to reach the device properly- if at all. This will greatly affect its performance.

Is your device compatible? 

To use smart technologies you must have an internet connected device. A smartphone or tablet will enable you to the download the app, which comes with your smart product. You can then control it using Wi-Fi.

If you have modern devices of a popular make- like an iPhone/iPad- you should be able to use smart technologies with no issues. However, other platforms and makes, such as Blackberry phones will likely suffer compatibility issues. Your PC or laptop will be able to control some other smart technologies, such as smart thermostats.

Do you need a new boiler in East Kilbride?

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